Emilio Mastriani

About Me

I am a Computer Scientist with a Ph.D. in Computational Biology, with a passion for applying Machine Learning and other AI strategies to study viruses and genomes. I am currently CEO at AKEDA and actively collaborating with the Unit of Discovery and Molecular Characterization of Pathogens, Centre for Microbes Development and Health (Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai). I have been a lecturer at HMU (Centre for Infection and Genomics) at Harbin for seven years, making research on the genomics/bioinformatics field as a computer science expert. I conducted research on genomic breast cancer, ovarian cancer, salmonella virulence and differentiation, schizophrenia, and SARS-CoV-2. I developed a protocol for the computational analysis of microRNA, conducted gene expression analyses, gene network predictions, protein predictions, developed scripts for biological analysis, etc. I love computational virology, immune system modeling, and my family.


PhD in Computational Biology (12/2020) at Selinus University of Science and Literature (Bologna, Italy). Thesis title: Unsupervised clustering approach to characterize the CpG Island distribution of the Andes Hantavirus, Prof. Salvatore Fava Ph. D, Prof. Shu-Lin Liu. Examination fields: Bioinformatics, Statistical methods, Clustering techniques, Virology

Master of Degree in Computer Science (12/2000) at University of Catania (Catania, Italy). Thesis Title: Covert channel analysis of Linux file system, Prof. V. Cutello. Examination fields: Linux kernel developing, security enhancement, information theory